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  • Katarzyna

Publication: When a King of Norway Became a King of Russia

New publication is open access is out: “When a King of Norway Became a King of Russia: Danish Historiography and Early Transmission and Reception of Hrómundar saga Greipssonar.” Scandinavian Studies 94:3 (2022), pp. 316-351. Read here in Open Access.

This study traces the creation and earliest dissemination of Hrómundar saga Greipssonar in prose, in the context of scholarly interest in Old Norse-Icelandic literature in Denmark in the late seventeenth century. It merges philological and historical approaches to literature in order to illustrate the relationship between contemporary political circumstances and the transmission and reception of texts. Through the presentation of the historiographical and antiquarian activities in Denmark and their close relationship to the political situation at that time, as well as through the analysis of textual and physical features of the manuscripts produced at that time, this article has placed a literary work in the hands of real people and thereby has shed light on their interests and reception of Old Norse-Icelandic texts.


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