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Science: Author Explanation Video

Here you can watch our author explanation video accompanying our 2022 Science paper "Forgotten books: the application of unseen species models to the survival of culture."


Visit our project's website for more details:



Newspapers and Magazines (selection) 

  • Magazine interview, “Zaginione opowieści” Tygodnik Powszechny (Polish, 18/03/2022).

  • Magazine interview, “How much medieval literature has been lost?” Scientific American (English, 08/03/2022).

  • Newspaper interview, “Tale of King Arthur was a rare survivor,” The Times (English, 18/02/2022).

  • Newspaper interview, “Historikere tager nu utraditionelle metoder i brug,” Politiken (Danish, 18/02/2022).

  • Newspaper interview, “Historiker får støtte til projekt om verdens første sagaforsker," Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish, 15/02/2021).


Newsletters ​(selection)

Virtual Exhibition: Reception and Reinvention: Old Norse in Time and Space
  • The Writing Histories Exhibition This exhibition explores the beginnings of the scholarly reception of Old Norse-Icelandic literature in Denmark in the seventeenth century, when the authority of Saxo Grammaticus and his Gesta Danorum became increasingly challenged by the rediscovery of Old Norse-Icelandic sources. With this scholarly rediscovery previously forgotten sagas gained new life as they were revitalised or reinvented by early modern antiquarians. VISIT THE EXHIBIT

  • The Paired Objects Exhibition This exhibition presents a gallery of paired objects from the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark, and the National Museum of Iceland. By pairing items between these two collections, we explore the relationships between medieval traditions and the later artworks they inspired. VISIT THE EXHIBIT

Celebrating 100 years of Icelandic independence

Two research grants were handed out by HM Queen of Denmark Margrethe II during the ceremony hosted at the University of Iceland on 1 December 2018. Katarzyna Anna Kapitan and Dale Kedwards were grant recipients.

See Hátíðardagskrá í Veröld [@51:11] published on the University of Iceland's official YouTube channel.

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