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Z mieczem na wiec. Konflikt i metody jego rozwiązywania w wybranych sagach islandzkich (Wrocław: Chronicon, 2012), the book is currently out of print, contact me for a copy.

Books as editor

(with B. Stegmann and S. Vrieland) From text to artefact: Studies in honour of Anne Mette Hansen (Leeds: Kısmet Press, 2019), open access version available here.​

(with Leslie-Jacobsen HF, Murphy LJ, Nygaard S, Rogers B) Selected presentations from the network of early career researchers in Old Norse (2017–2019) (Aarhus: AU Library Scholarly Publishing Services, 2020), open access version available here.

Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters
  • “When a King of Norway Became a King of Russia: Danish Historiography and Early Transmission and Reception of Hrómundar saga Greipssonar.” Scandinavian Studies (scheduled 2021), accepted for publication, contact me for a copy.

  • “Between print and manuscript in Iceland and beyond: Print-based manuscripts in the transmission history of Hrómundar saga Greipssonar.” Post-print manuscript cultures on the North Atlantic fringe, edited by M. J. Driscoll (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum 2021), accepted for publication, contact me for a copy.

  • “Perspectives on Digital Catalogs and Textual Networks of Old Norse literature.” Manuscript Studies: A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies 6:1, pp. 74-97, Download.

  • “Medieval Poetry in Post-medieval Manuscripts: New Perspectives on the Transmission History of Griplur.” Scripta Islandica 71 (2020), pp. 51–98, Download.

  • “Dating paper manuscripts based on watermarks: A case study of selected nineteenth-century Icelandic manuscripts.” Care and conservation 17, pp. 15-26, Download.

  • “Between truth and fiction, or historiæ mediæ, sive vero falsoque mixtæ: Legendary sagas and their reception in eighteenth-century Denmark.” Arkiv för Nordisk Filologi 134 (2019), pp. 103–29, Download.

  • “A Danish collection of Old Norse sagas: Material-philological and textual studies of Acc. 61.” From text to artefact: Studies in honour of Anne Mette Hansen, ed. Katarzyna Anna Kapitan, Beeke Stegmann & Seán Vrieland (Leeds, 2019), pp. 39–46, Download.

  • (with B. Stegmann) “Writing, correcting and annotating AM 601 b 4to: Material and multispectral analysis.” Opuscula 17 (2019): pp.  129–49, Download.

  • “Dating of AM 162 B alpha fol, a fragment of Brennu-Njáls saga.” Opuscula 16 (2018): pp. 217–43, Download.

  • (with S. McDonald Werronen) “An Edition of Ambrósíus saga og Rósamunda based on BL Add. 24 969.” Opuscula 16 (2018):  pp. 179-215, Download.

  • “A choice of relationship-revealing variants for a cladistic analysis of Old Norse texts: some methodological considerations. Digital Humanities Symposium Proceedings (2017): pp. 52–74, Download.

  • Hefnd w społeczeństwie islandzkim wczesnego średniowiecza.” Meandry Historii. Starożytność, Średniowiecze, Nowożytność, Anna Kubica og Łukasz Jończyk (eds.) (Kraków, 2013): pp. 26476.

  • Model wczesnośredniowiecznej rodziny islandzkiej, przedstawiony w wybranych sagach rodowych. Instytucja rodziny wczoraj i dziś. Perspektywa interdyscyplinarna 2, Społeczeństwo i kultura, J.K. Stępkowska og K.M. Stępkowska (eds.) (Lublin, 2012): pp. 12127.

Published Abstracts of Conference Papers and Lectures 

  • “Digital catalogs and analog data: Cataloging Nordic manuscripts.” Abstracts of the 12th Annual Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age,  Philadelphia, PA (2019), available here.

  • “When a king of Norway became a king of Russia: Transmission and reception of legendary sagas in early-modern Scandinavia.” Fyrirlestrar Miðaldastofu 2019–2020, Reykjavik (2019), available here.

  • “Between transmission and reception: Lost sagas and their post-medieval manifestations.” Preprints of the 17th International Saga Conference, Reykjavík (2018), Download.

  • “Dating post-medieval Icelandic manuscript based on watermarks. A case study of selected nineteenth century Hrómundar saga Gripssonar manuscripts.” Abstracts of the 17th Care and Conservation of Manuscripts, Copenhagen (2018), Download.

  • “Network analysis of the manuscript context of Old Icelandic literature.” Book of Abstracts DH2017, Montreal (2017), Download.

  • (with Timothy Rowbotham and Tarrin Wills) “Visualising genre relationships in Icelandic manuscripts.” Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, 2nd Conference, Götenburg (2017), Download.

  • “Re-approaching new stemmatics: Choice of relationship revealing readings for cladistic analysis.” Book of Abstracts, International Symposium on Digital Humanities, Växjö (2016), pp. 44-–5, Download.

Book reviews
  • “Review of The Legendary Legacy: Transmission and reception of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda, edited by M.J. Driscoll et al.” Saga-Book 43 (2019), pp. 194–6.

  • Review of Long Lives of Short Sagas: The Irrepressibility of Narrative and the Case of Illuga saga Gríðarfóstra, by P. Lavender.” Saga-Book 44 (2020), pp. 198–200.

Outreach and Dissemination 

Digital edition
Unpublished theses
  • PhD thesis in Nordic Studies: "Studies in the transmission history of Hrómundar saga Greipssonar", University of Copenhagen (2018).

  • MA dissertation in Medieval Icelandic Studies: "Njáls saga in AM 162 B alpha fol. An analysis and edition", University of Iceland (2014).

  • MA dissertation in Archaeology: "Problem wpływów skandynawskich na ziemie polskie w zakresie obrządku pogrzebowego we wczesnym średniowieczu" (Eng. 'Scandinavian influences on the burial customs in Polish territory in the early medieval period'), University of Wrocław (2012).

  • MA dissertation in History: "Konflikt i metody jego rozwiązywania w społeczeństwie islandzkim wczesnego średniowiecza, na przykładzie Sagi Rodu z Laxdalu, Sagi o Egilu i Sagi o Gunnlaugu Wężowym Języku" (Eng. 'Conflict and methods of its resolution in the medieval Icelandic society, as illustrated in Laxdæla saga, Egils saga, and Gunnlaugs saga'), University of Wrocław (2011).