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  • Katarzyna

Publication: The Prose Summary as Antiquarian Tool

This study examines the Icelandic part of the adaptation and transmission history of works dealing with Ormar Framarsson, mainly Ormars þáttur Framarssonar and a prose summary of Ormars rímur, but also Rímur af Ormari Framarssyni. The story about Ormar is known from an Icelandic poem dating to the 15th century, Ormars rímur, which is possibly based on an older lost saga, but also from Scandinavian ballads: The Danish Orm Ungersvend og Bermer-Rise, the Swedish Orm Ungersven and the Norwegian Ormaalen unge. While the relationship between the Scandinavian ballads and the Icelandic poem has previously been thoroughly examined, the relationships between them and the early modern works remain unknown to research. Possibly due to a belief in the relationship to Hervarar saga, the story of Ormar attracted attention from early modern Scandinavian antiquarians and the prose adaptations we know today were probably produced to make the story more easily accessible to said antiquarians. The present study presents first ever study of the transmission and adaptation history of Ormars þáttur, followed by its text-critical edition and an English translation as well as editions of supplementary variant versions.


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