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Publication: Selected Presentations from NECRON (2017-2019)

It is with immense pleasure that I share with you the news about the first publication of the Network of Early Career Researchers in Old Norse (NECRON). NECRON is an international, interdisciplinary network of PhD Students and Early Career Researchers working in all fields of research on medieval Scandinavia – that is, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and areas of Viking-Age settlement from around 800 ad until the Reformation in the 1530s. I had a great pleasure of being one of the network's founding members and editors of our first publication.

In November 2020 Selected Presentations from the Network of Early Career Researchers in Old Norse (2017-2019) edited by Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen, Luke John Murphy, Simon Nygaard, Beth Rogers and myself was published in Open Access by AU Library Scholarly Publishing Services. This little e-book includes reports about and posters from our first three years’ events.


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