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Publication: A Danish collection of Old Norse sagas

In the recently published volume From Text to Artefact that I co-edited, there is a short article I wrote about one of the nineteenth-century transcripts of Old Norse sagas produced in Denmark. It is a material-philological and transmission historical study of the manuscript Acc. 61, which preserves texts derived from a printed edition. The manuscript was written by Danish author Frederik Julius Schaldemose, and part of his collection of manuscripts is now held in the Arnamagnæan Institute in Copenhagen.

If you are interested in the manuscript production after the printing revolution it might be something to your taste.

Read the full article here.

The volume From Text to Artefact is available in Gold Open Access on the publisher's website.

Opening from Acc. 61 with other manuscripts collected by Schaldemose in the background. Photo: Suzanne Reitz


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