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Manuscripts in the Accessoria collection

Manuscripts in the Accessoria collection: Digital cataloguing and Material-philological analysis was a short, one-year project aimed at digital cataloguing of the Copenhagen part of the Accessoria collection held at the Arnamagnæan Institute. The majority of the collection has never been catalogued and its contents were unknown. Cataloguing methods and practices became one of my research interests, and in March 2019 I presented some of my perspectives on the subject at the 94th Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting and in November 2019 at the 12th Annual Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age. 

My digital manuscript descriptions of Accessoria collection are available on

Peer-reviewed article: "A Danish collection of Old Norse sagas: Material-philological and textual studies of Acc. 61," From text to artefact: Studies in honour of Anne Mette Hansen, ed. Katarzyna Anna Kapitan, Beeke Stegmann & Seán Vrieland (Leeds, 2019), pp. 39–46.


Blog post in the series Manuscript of the Month Chronicle of the Slavs in the Arnamagnæan Collection, also available in Danish (2019) here.

Conference presentations:


Network analysis of genre relationships in the Icelandic literary corpus
Conference presentations:
  • “A saga in a network and a network of a saga” at the Networks of Manuscripts, Networks of Texts conference, Amsterdam <Online> (2020).

  • "Network analysis of the manuscript context of Old Icelandic literature", Book of Abstracts DH2017, Montreal (2017), Download.

  • (with Timothy Rowbotham and Tarrin Wills) "Visualising genre relationships in Icelandic manuscripts", Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, 2nd Conference, Götenburg (2017), Download.

An edition of a post-medieval romance: Ambrósíus saga ok Rósamunda


Peer-reviewed article "An Edition of Ambrósíus saga og Rósamunda based on BL Add. 24 969," Opuscula 16 (2018): pp. 179-21,  for download here.

An analysis and edition of a medieval fragment of Njáls saga


Peer-reviewed article: “Dating of AM 162 B alpha fol, a fragment of Brennu-Njáls saga.” Opuscula 16 (2018): pp. 217–43, for download here.


XML-based digital edition of the fragment is available in MENOTA (Medieval Nordic Text Archive).

Watermarks in Icelandic manuscripts

Conference presentation: "Dating post-medieval Icelandic manuscript based on watermarks. A case study of selected nineteenth century Hrómundar saga Gripssonar manuscripts", Abstracts of the 17th Care and Conservation of Manuscripts, Copenhagen (2018), Download.

Peer-reviewed article in the conference proceedings: "Dating paper manuscripts based on watermarks: A case study of selected nineteenth-century Icelandic manuscripts", Care and conservation 17 (2020).

Computer assisted stemmatics 

Conference presentations and invited lectures:

  • “Computer assisted stemmatics in material-philological transmission studies” at the seminar Perspectives on textual scholarship and editorial practice, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 01/2019.

  • “Revealing relationships between Old Norse texts using computer-assisted methods” at the CLARIN Annual Conference, Piza (Italy), 10/2018.

  • “XML-based manuscript transcriptions as a basis of auto-generated stemmas” at the seminar “Perspectives on Online Text Databases and Corpus Projects,” Lund (Sweden), 10/2017.

  • "Re-approaching new stemmatics: Choice of relationship revealing readings for cladistic analysis", Book of Abstracts, International Symposium on Digital Humanities, Växjö (2016), pp. 44- 45, Download.

Peer-reviewed article in the conference proceedings: "A choice of relationship-revealing variants for a cladistic analysis of Old Norse texts: some methodological considerations", Digital Humanities Symposium Proceedings (2017): pp. 52–74, Download.

Working paper: "A new stemma of Njáls saga" by A.Hall et al.

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