“From Oral Prosimetrum to Viking Metal: Reception of Old Norse legendary sagas in Scandinavia from the Middle Ages until Today" at the international conference Using the Past: The Middle Ages in the Spotlight, Batalha, Portugal (Online) 12/2020 - refereed. Watch the presentation here.

Computer-assisted methods of revealing relationships among manuscript-transmitted texts” at the DH Lunch at the Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland (Online), 11/2020 - invited. Watch the presentation here.

“A saga in a network and a network of a saga” at the Networks of Manuscripts, Networks of Texts conference, Amsterdam (Online), 10/2020 - refereed. Watch the presentation here.

“Digital catalogs & analog data: Cataloging Nordic manuscripts” at the 12th Annual Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age - Hooking Up, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (USA), 11/2019 - invited. Watch the presentation here.

“When a king of Norway became a king of Russia:Transmission and reception of legendary sagas in early-modern Scandinavia”at a research seminar organized by the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik (Iceland), 11/2019 - invited.

“Hrómundar saga Greipssonar: Transmission history of a lost medieval saga” at a research seminar organized by Selskab for Nordisk Filologi, Copenhagen (Denmark), 10/2019 - invited.

“Writing histories: Legendary sagas and early-modern Danish historiography” at the 2nd workshop of the Network of Early Career Researchers in Old Norse, Bergen (Norway) 10/2019 - refereed.

“Same manuscript, different reading: The making and remaking of a saga book” at the International Medieval Congress 2019, University of Leeds (UK), 07/2019 - refereed.

“A medieval lost saga found in nineteenth-century manuscripts?” at the 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI (USA), 05/2019 - refereed.

“Digital cataloguing of manuscripts as artefacts and quantitative analysis of manuscript descriptions” at the 94th Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (USA), 03/2019 - refereed.

“Computer assisted stemmatics in material-philological transmission studies” at the seminar Perspectives on textual scholarship and editorial practice, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 01/2019 - invited.

“Revealing relationships between Old Norse texts using computer-assisted methods” at the CLARIN Annual Conference, Piza (Italy), 10/2018 - refereed.

“Between transmission and reception: Lost sagas and their early-modern adaptations” at the 17th international saga conference, Reykjavik (Iceland), 08/2018 - refereed.

“Dating post-medieval Icelandic manuscripts based on watermarks” at the 17th Care and Conservation of manuscripts, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 04/2017 - refereed.

“XML-based manuscript transcriptions as a basis of auto-generated stemmas” at the seminar “Perspectives on Online Text Databases and Corpus Projects,” Lund (Sweden), 10/2017 - invited.

(with A. S. Kjeldsen) “Ongoing database and corpus projects at the Arnamagnæan Institute” at the seminar “Perspectives on Online Text Databases and Corpus Projects,” Lund (Sweden), 10/2017 - invited.

“What do we know about all the versions of the deeds of Hrómundur Gr(e)ipsson?” at the inaugural workshop of the Network of Early Career Researchers in Old Norse“Trends and Challenges in Early Career Scholarship,” University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 10/2017 - refereed.

“Digital Approaches Towards Explorations of Textual Variation in the Manuscripts Preserving Hrómundar saga Gripssonar” at the “manuSciences’17,” Fréjus (France), 09/2017 - refereed.

“Network analysis of the manuscript context of Old Icelandic literature” at the Annual Digital Humanities Conference, Montréal (Canada), 08/2017 - refereed.

“The Early Transmission of Hrómundar saga Gripssonar” at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (UK), 06/2017 - refereed.

(with T.J. Wills and T. Rowbotham) “Visualising genre relationships in Icelandic manuscripts” at the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, Gothenburg (Sweden), 03/2017 - refereed.

“Re-approaching New Stemmatics: Choice of Relationship Revealing Readings for Cladistic Analysis” at the International Digital Humanities Symposium, Växjö (Sweden), 11/2016 - refereed.

“Hrómundar saga Gripssonar: its origin and transmission” - A project presentation at the Summer School in Textual Criticism, Ferrara (Italy), 07/2016 - refereed.

“Methods of Conflict Resolution in Medieval Iceland Based on Laxdœla saga, Egils saga, and Gunnlaugs saga” at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (UK), 07/2013 - refereed.

“Przyczyny migracji na przykładzie zasiedlenia Islandii” at the 15th Funeralia Lednickie, Dziekanowice (Poland), 05/2012 - refereed.

“Funkcjonowanie zemsty rodowej we wczesnośredniowiecznym społeczeństwie islandzkim na przykładzie sagi rodu z Laxdalu oraz sagi o Egilu” at the 20th Ogólnopolski Zjazd Historyków Studentów, Katowice (Poland), 04/2012 - refereed.

“Czy wczesnośredniowieczne jamowe pochówki ciałopalne z Pomorza Zachodniego są efektem oddziaływań Skandynawskich? Próba przedstawienia problem” at the 2nd Ogólnopolska Studencko-Doktorancka Konferencja Archeologiczna Dziedzictwo Pomorza, Szczecin (Poland), 03/2012 - refereed.

“Rola badań interdyscyplinarnych na przykładzie Islandii” at the 5th Międzyuczelniane Warsztaty Archeologiczne, Wrocław- Rzeszów (Poland), 03/2012 - refereed.

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